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Diploma in Diversity and Families

The Diploma in Diversity and Families aims to provide students with a background in how ethnicity, immigration status, first language, socioeconomic status and more impact the lives of contemporary Canadian families and the individuals within them.

Family structure, development, dynamics and social context are among the aspects of family life that will be considered throughout your studies.

The Diploma in Diversity and Families is an 8-month (2 semester) program that is open to all students with an undergraduate degree. 

Admission Requirements

  • Possession of an undergraduate degree, subject to prerequisites and general university entrance requirements
  • Normally, students who hold an undergraduate degree in Family Studies are ineligible to apply

Program Outline

3.0 Courses From: Family Studies and Human Development 1010A/B, Family Studies and Human Development 1015A/B, Family Studies and Human Development 2220A/B, Family Studies and Human Development 3320A/B, Family Studies and Human Development 3325A/B, Family Studies and Human Development 3345A/B or the former Family Studies 1010A/B, the former Family Studies 1015A/B, the former Family Studies 2220A/B, the former Family Studies 3320A/B, the former Family Studies 3325A/B, the former Family Studies 3345A/B.

0.5 Course From: Family Studies and Human Development 2250A/B or Family Studies and Human Development 2252A/B, or the former Family Studies 2250A/B, the former Family Studies 2252A/B.

0.5 Course From: Family Studies and Human Development 3305F/G or Family Studies and Human Development 3340A/B, or the former Family Studies 3305F/G , the former Family Studies 3340A/B.

 1.0 Course From: any 2000- level or 3000- level course in Family Studies and Human Development (formerly Family Studies).

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Program Cost Estimates

  • Tuition for Domestic Students: $6,050
  • Tuition for International Students: $19,900
  • Ancillary Fees for All Students: $1,800

*Please note these costs are estimates and will vary from year to year. The official amount will be confirmed on the student's Statement of Account in the summer prior to starting the program. 

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