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Brescia Bold First Year Course

The unique Brescia course that begins with you. Who you are. What you want to be. And, what you care about most.


What is Brescia Bold?

This signature Brescia course provides students with an interdisciplinary study on living well, learning deeply and leading to serve others. What is a good life? What does it mean to live your values? How does information literacy and digital ethics impact the way our world works? How can you be an agent of change in a complex world? These are the questions that our students will explore first-hand, as they undergo this “bold” course and a comprehensive journey to self-discovery. Through the Brescia Bold course, IDS 1200A/B, our students will not only be challenged introspectively, but will also regularly practice the Brescia Competencies – important skills that will support their university learning as well as promote an understanding of how to live well—with authenticity and purpose.

Designed Specifically for Women Learners

The Brescia Bold course is considered a “high-impact” educational practice, which is a type of learning experience known to support student success (Permzadian & Credé, 2016). While other universities offer high-impact education, Brescia Bold is unique among first year seminars because we designed it specifically with women learners in mind. What does this involve? In this course, students will have meaningful discussions with diverse classmates, where they will learn to work as a team – not just a group. Conversations will centre on important, real-world issues that matter to our student leaders today. Above all, we know that what our students do outside of their studies at Brescia is important, so this course gives them the opportunity to tell their personal story.

The 2021/2022 Course Theme

 This course provides an interdisciplinary study on living well, learning deeply, and leading to serve others. It will introduce such topics as: what is a good life, living your values, understanding how the world works with attention to information literacy and the ethics of a digital world, and exploring agents of change in a complex world. This course, taught by Brescia's President and Associate Academic Dean, unpacks how to thrive, and contribute to positive change in our complex, moderl world. Students will practice the competencies and skills that support their university learning, while exploring the questions of identity in community, such as: To which communities do you belong? Where do you want to be a 'change agent'? How will your university education help you learn to live well and lead with authenticity and purpose?

Bold Stories

Dr. Lauretta Frederking

“ With regular group discussions and a shared classroom experience, students taking part in the Brescia Bold course will not only practice what it means to be part of a civil society, but also how to thrive in a dynamic, diverse, and complex world. ”

Dr. Lauretta Frederking

Brescia President