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Draft my Schedule

Draft my Schedule is a digital timetabling tool for Western and Affiliate students to plan their courses for the upcoming academic year. Students are highly recommend to use this tool before registering for courses ensuring a conflict-free timetable prior to registration.

This tool does not scan for pre-requisites, course repeats, or anti-requisites; therefore, confirm you are enrolling in appropriate courses by referencing the Western’s Academic Calendar.

Planning Your Schedule

Degree Check 

To complete a degree check you will need to access your academic record using Student Center and have access to a copy of your module from the Western Academic Calendar.

Degree Requirements

  1. Count the number of courses you have completed to find the number of courses you need to finish your degree. Students completing a three-year degree must have 15.0 courses and students completing a four-year degree must have 20.0 courses.
  2. Count the number of first-year (1000 level) courses you have. Students need 5.0 courses from the 1000 level and can’t count more than 7.0 courses from the 1000 level towards their degree.
  3. Check the number of essay courses you have completed (courses labeled E, F or G). Students need to complete 2.0 essay designated courses or 1.0 from 2000 level or above.
  4. Check the number of courses you have completed for Category A, B, and C. All student must complete 1.0 course from Social Science (Category A), Arts and Humanities (Category B) and Science (Category C) to graduate.

Module Requirements

  1. Using the module from Western’s Academic Calendar, highlight or check off the courses you have already taken that meet the module requirements.
  2. Write down the courses you still need for your module and make note if you are missing any of the requirements.
Course Selection 

In order to complete your course section you will need Western’s Academic Calendar and your degree check: 

  1. Write down courses that you are required to take and select courses if your module gives you options (i.e. In the Major in English Language and Literature you might see this: 1.0 course from: English 2200F/G, 2210F/G, 2220F/G, 2230F/G, 2240F/G, 2250F/G).
  2. Select courses that meet your degree requirements. Ensure you are choosing courses that represent all categories including the essay requirement.
  3. Select electives. This is your chance to take courses outside of your module.

It is recommend to take between two and three required courses per module and add electives to balance your course load.

Draft my Schedule 

Located on the Student Centre, use the Draft my Schedule tool to create a timetable. Search the subject and corresponding course code to add courses to your course plan. It is important to select different options for your potential classes in the event that some courses may conflict.

Change courses (as needed) until you have created a conflict-free, balanced timetable of open classes.

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