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Returning Students

Review your Intent to Register

Adjudication is a process where you are assessed for the program(s) you selected during Intent to Register. This process takes place in May after final exams and in August for students taking summer courses.

To review your decisions visit the Student Centre and view “View My Grades” located under Academic Record.

View your Registration and Appointment Date

Your course registration start time for the Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Academic Year is available mid-June by signing into Student Centre. Once you have signed into Student Center you will see a box to the right titled “Enrollment Dates”. Click on details to view your appointment.

You will be able to add courses through Student Center beginning on your assigned date and time. The last day for web registration is September 16th, 2022.

Mon July 4, 2022- Fri July 8, 2022

Mon July 11, 2022 - Fri July 15, 2022

Mon July 18, 2022 - Fri July 22, 2022

Select your Courses 

Before you select your courses, please note: 

  1. All full-time students may enrol in 5.0 credits
    All part-time students may enrol in a maximum of 3.0 credits
  2. All credits have a credit weight of 1.0, except:
    F/G = 0.5 essay course (F = Fall and G = Winter)
    A/B = 0.5 course (A = Fall and B = Winter)
    E = 1.0 (E = Essay)

Common Degree Requirements

  1. All students must meet the admission and progression requirements for degree modules
  2. 5.0 courses numbered 0100-1999
  3. 1.0 course from each of Category A (Social Science/Other), Category B (Arts) and Category C (Science)*
    *Brescia Approved Science Courses for Non-Science Students
  4. At least 13.0 senior courses (numbered 2000-4999)
  5. 2.0 Essay courses with at least 1.0 at the senior level (2000-4999)
Plan your Timetable

Using the “Draft My Schedule” timetabling tool found in your Student Centre, plan a conflict-free timetable with no more than five courses in each semester.

  1. You must take 3.0 Brescia credits per year. If your selected courses are offered at Brescia, you are expected to take the course on Brescia’s campus. If you are unable to enrol in a Brescia section of a course, you may obtain permission to take the course at King’s, Huron or Western. Courses that are not offered at Brescia may be taken on one of Western’s campuses.
    1. To fulfill 5.0 courses each year, you are able to take the additional 2.0 credits at Western or any of the Affiliate colleges.
Register for Courses 

On the Web:
Web registration can be accessed through your Western Student Centre. Reminder – you need an active student identity with no holds (i.e: fee, parking, or library fines) to be able to access the enrollment services page.

You will need to have created a conflict-free timetable from Draft My Schedule as a guide. Please visit our Draft My Schedule Walkthrough for support in creating this conflict-free timetable.

Registration Help:
If you require assistance when registering, you may contact the Hive by email at or by phone at 519.858.5151 during regular office hours.

Confirm your Registration 

On the Web;
Check your timetable on the Web Registration panels. Once you add or drop courses on the web, your record WILL BE UPDATED IMMEDIATELY. After submitting or revising your course selections, check the STATUS area to ensure that each course was successfully added/dropped. 

Registration Support:
If you requested assistance through The Hive at Brescia, confirmation of your courses will be emailed to you as soon as your support has been processed. Any changes to your timetable will be available to view on the web only. You may make changes to your courses once they are loaded on your record.

Making Changes to Your Enrollment:
If you are simply switching one course for another, use the SWAP feature in the drop down menu. REMEMBER: Some courses are a requirement for progression in your desired module. You may contact the Hive by email at or by phone at 519-858-5151 during regular office hours to determine any potential impact on your academic progression.

Pay your Tuition 

Fees are due by August 12, 2022. Students are not mailed a fee bill indicating projected fees, but can check their personal invoice online. If paying by installments, the second term fees are due December 1, 2022. Refer to the Brescia Fee Schedule for more information on installment payments and payment options.

If you have been awarded an entrance scholarship, the amount will be deducted on your personal invoice.

For more information regarding wire transfers from outside of Canada, contact Deb Van Belois in the Brescia Business Office.

Apply for Financial Assistance 


If you have applied for OSAP by June 30, 2022 and have been notified of their entitlement, you will receive an automatic deferral of fees until the loan documents have been received at Brescia. No deferment will be made for students appealing OSAP after a “nil” assessment has been received.


If you have received a continuing admission scholarship you are eligible to retain this scholarship to a maximum of four years (at the same annual value). In order to retain this scholarship, you must:

  1. Remain registered at Brescia
  2. Enrol in and complete 5.0 courses in the previous Fall-Winter session.
  3. Maintain an 80% average on these courses

Additional scholarships and awards that are available for upper year students, visit, Scholarships and Awards for more information. Please note: these awards can have varying deadlines and application requirements.


Bursaries are non-repayable, taxable grants issued to students who demonstrate financial need. The General Bursary program is for non-first year students, first year students with a prior degree or diploma, or first year students with prior studies at Brescia. Bursaries are generally awarded to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are registered full-time at Brescia University College and have shown satisfactory progress in the previous year are encouraged to apply early. There are a limited number of bursaries available for part-time students and international students. 

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