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Intent to Register

Are you returning to Brescia in September?

Intent to Register (ITR) is a process to notify Brescia and Western that you will be retuning for the next academic year. This mandatory process informs the University of your campus, degree and module(s) you plan to enrol in.

ITR is currently closed.

If you have any questions about ITR, please contact our staff in the Hive.

ITR Walk-Through

  1. Log into your Student Centre account.
  2. Select “Complete My Intent to Register” under Student Services Links.
  3. Enter your Western credentials.
  4. State if you are returning to Brescia as a full-time or part-time student.
  5. Select Brescia University College as your faculty. Or, students who want to remain in their program can select “Continue in Current Program”.
  6. Choose your degree and module combination.
  7. Review and confirm your selected choice.
  8. You have an option to choose a second choice or select “Exit” to complete.
  9. Frequently log into the Student Centre for a status update on your ITR.


Choosing my Module

Do I have prerequisites for this module?
To be eligible for many modules, students must meet the admission requirements as stated in Western’s Academic Calendar. This ensures students have the background knowledge required to be successful. 
What career options are open to me with this program?
Research what education requirements align with your career goals. Remember, many post-graduate programs such as medicine, law and teaching do not require specific programs. 
What are my strengths?
Consider how your strengths can be used in your academic education to set you up for success. Tailor your degree to learn research, communication or critical thinking skills. 
Brescia Psychology Honours Thesis Matching Form

For students wishing to complete an honours thesis in the 2021-2022 school year at Brescia, please fill out the following form by Friday, March 12, 2021.

Brescia Psychology Honours Thesis Matching Form


What is my faculty?
Your faculty is Brescia University College.
What will happen if I don’t submit my ITR?
You can re-submit your ITR through Student Center as often as you like until March 31. Remember, if you declare a module in second year, but find yourself interested in something else, you can change your program at the next ITR. However, it is important to be enrolled in the program you wish to graduate from in your final year of studies.
Is there any reason why I can’t do ITR online?

If you are student in the Preliminary Year program, or if you are student in a concurrent degree program, you will not be able to complete your ITR online. Please complete your ITR form with an Academic Advisor.

Additionally, if you are not currently enrolled at Brescia (or Western), you will need to complete your ITR form with an Academic Advisor.

How will I know if I am eligible for the program I chose with ITR?

Brescia will determine your eligibility for the programs you choose during ITR when all final grades are submitted in May. Your Student Center account will be updated to show your status update in late May.

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