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Official Letters

The following letters will be prepared and sealed by the Registrar’s Office to be used for various purposes:

Visa Study Permit Letter: A Visa Study Permit letter can be used as proof of enrolment for international students trying to extend their study permit or temporary resident Visa.

Registration Verification Letter: A Registration Verification Letter is proof of enrolment for full and part-time students for the duration of the school year. The letter will include the student’s name, student number, program, year of study, start date, end date and type of study (i.e. full or part-time).

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP): RESP forms are provided by the institution where the RESP or educational fund is held. These forms are to be completed by both the beneficiary and The Hive at Brescia and are used as proof of enrolment for the current school year.

Graduation Letter: A Graduation letter verifies that a student has successfully completed their program. This letter will show the student’s name, student number, program type and convocation date.

If the letter you require is not listed above, please contact