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Outgoing Exchange

Are you interested in further expanding your Brescia experience outside the classroom with an international exchange? We are proud to have several exchange programs spanning all over the world from France, Barbados, South Korea and beyond!

If you are a full-time student in good academic standing you can apply to one of our partner universities for one term or a full year. You will remain registered at Brescia while on exchange and therefore, continue to pay tuition to Brescia. While on exchange, you are responsible to enrol in a full-time course load and ensure all housing, meals, insurance and travel costs are accounted for.

  • Take academic courses not otherwise available at Brescia or Western
  • Gain cultural competency by living and learning in another country
  • Learn the basics of another language

You are eligible to take part in study abroad/exchanges in your third or fourth year of undergraduate studies and after second, third or fourth-year for our summer programs. You can apply for an international program the year before you intend to travel (e.g. if you wish to go abroad in your third-year, you should apply in your second-year). As well, you must be in good academic standing to participate in an international program.

Opportunities to participate in Brescia’s exchange programs are limited and awarded on a competitive basis, subject to availability. The criteria by which students will be assessed, include:

  1. A minimum 65% average in a full-time course load (3.5-5.0 credits) in the previous year of study.
  2. Satisfactory progress in the present year of full-time study (normally a 65% average across 3.5-5.0 credits).
  3. A demonstrated readiness to benefit from the experience of an academic experience in another country and culture. Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their application, statement of interest and Academic Record.
  • Student Safety Abroad Policy


Before applying for our international programs, you are encouraged to attend one of the BE International Information Sessions hosted in November. There, you will learn further information regarding our university partnerships and be able to ask general questions regarding the application process. The annual application deadline for outgoing exchanges for the following academic year is March 1st.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Lissette Ochoa, Coordinator if International Programs and Global Education,

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