Students working together at a table.

Student Event Request

Sponsoring Organizational Information
Club or Scoiety
The primary event organizer must attend the event.
Event Information
Give a brief description of the program, activities, etc.
For example; Brescia students, all students, staff, members of CAFP, etc.
Location of Event*
Example, St. James room 136.
Do you require any equipment for your event that requires a power source?*
Projector, Computer, Lights, Tea Kettles, etc.
Please note that event organizers are solely responsible for booking/obtaining their own equipment. Event organizers can book AV equipment through the Library Booking System.
If your event is off-campus, please complete the following section
Note: You may be asked to provide a copy of the contract. Any contract that requires a legally binding signature must be signed by the Vice Principal Finance and Administration.
Is your event fully accessible*
How will you communicate this to participants? What changes could be made to make it more accessible?
Is travel involved?*
Are you arranging for transportation?
Type of arranged transportation
Note: If you opt to take personal vehicles and travel with other members of the Brescia Community, the primary driver’s automobile insurance policy must have $1,000,000 liability coverage, inclusive of Bodily Injury and Property Damage, in order to comply with Brescia’s automobile insurance policy.

Additionally, you will be asked to send copy of the travel agreement/waiver from a licensed commercial vehicle operator (e.g. Murphy Bus Lines. Enterprise Car Rental) if applicable.
I understand and will comply with the insurance policy shown above

Whether the event is being held on or off campus, you are required to follow the University’s policies regarding events involving alcohol.
Is alcohol involved?*
If yes, indicate you have read Brescia's Alcohol Policy
Example: 1 free drink ticket for each participant, additional tickets available for $5.00 each (1 ticket=1 regular alcoholic beverage.
Example: Amount and type of food available for participants during event (i.e. a light snack of chips/nuts is higher risk than a more substantial snack of crackers and cheese); Type and strength of alcoholic beverage available for participants (i.e. extra strong/extra large drinks are higher risk than standard drink sizes)
Example: Food will be available throughout the event, Non-alcoholic beverages will be available at a reasonable price, No extra strong/extra large drinks will be served, No more than two free drink tickets will be provided as part of the admission to the event, etc...
Sober Monitors: All events at which alcohol is present must have 1 Sober Monitor for every 25 people expected to attend. A sober monitor is any person who agrees to not drink at the event, be attentive, and direct any concerns regarding guests alcohol consumption to the event organizer. Please provide the required information based on the expected attendance at your event.
Designated Drivers: All events at which Alcohol is present must have 1 Designated Driver for every 75 people expected to attend. DD’s can also be Sober Monitors. Please provide the required information based on the expected attendance at your event.
Note: The event organizer must ensure that adequate security is in place to ensure that under age persons are not served and do not consume alcohol.
Include company name, address, and contact information.
Community Relations 
Is the event in (or near) a residential neighbourhood?
Will there be amplified speeches or music?
Note: All off-campus events must adhere to London's noise bylaw.
If food being served at the event?*
Who is providing food service?
All events on campus other than bake sales must be catered by Brescia Food Services. An external caterer or food service may only be used for off-campus events.
Brescia Food Services catering requests are due 14 days prior to the event.

Please ensure that you provide your food service provider with participant’s food allergy information and dietary restrictions.

You must follow the Middlesex London Health Unit’s ‘Preparing Food at Home’ Guidelines when preparing baked goods at home.
Is money involved in the event?*
This includes any kind of admission, drink or food sales, or other transaction occurring either at the event or related to the event?
Please include where you hope to donate raised funds.
Where is the money being stored? Where is it being deposited? etc...
Please note any other concerns or questions you have that you would like to discuss with Event Review Committee members. We may be able to help you resolve event-related issues to ensure a successful event.
Event Agreement 
Checking the box below verifies that all of the information on this form is correct, and and that you have read and agree to abide by all Brescia University College policies and the event planning guidelines.
If the person filling out this form is not the event organizer, please include your contact information below.