Brescia University


Since our founding in 1919, by the Ursuline Sisters of Chatham, Brescia has been deeply commitment to ecological sustainability and preserving our natural world. Today, we continue this vision by maintaining a steadfast commitment to a sustainable, eco-friendly campus. As a result, we have put initiatives in place to make a positive, green difference in our community.

LED Lighting

A majority of our lighting fixtures throughout campus utilize LED lighting. These highly-efficient lights help reduce our energy and minimize our ecological footprint.

Organic Waste and Composting Program

In order to ensure we are effectively disposing waste properly from our food labs, an organic waste and composting program has been implemented in the Academic Pavilion.

High-Efficiency Boilers and Air Handling Units

To reduce the energy usage at the University, high-efficiency boilers and air handling units have been installed in the Academic Pavilion.

White Roof Materials

Occurring in urban regions, the “heat island effect” is when a particular area is warmer than its surroundings – due to density in buildings and darkly-paved surfaces. In order to avoid this effect, white roofing materials have been installed in Clare Hall and the Academic Pavilion to help reflect the heat from the sun.

Water Bottle Refill Stations

Water bottle refill stations have been installed in all buildings across campus. This initiative provides a convenient way for our community to stay hydrated and has lowered Brescia’s use of single-use plastics.

Did you know?

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