Brescia University


At Brescia, we are committed to not only providing the Brescia community with heathy meal options, but also maintaining a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

Paper straws

Paper Straws

In September of 2018, Brescia phased out all plastic straws on campus and replaced them with paper straws. These straws last three hours in a cold drink and will naturally biodegrade within the environment in three to four months.

Buying Local

When possible, the Food Services team buys fresh, local Ontario-produced ingredients to use in the Mercato. This process grows the local economy, reduces transportation emissions and improves Brescia’s carbon footprint.  

Local fruit
Recycling bins

Waste Management

In an effort to reduce landfill waste, everything disposed of in the Mercato is divided according to its material into recycling and garbage. There are multiple locations for students, faculty and staff to properly dispose of their waste in the Mercato.