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On behalf of Brescia University College, we want to sincerely thank our donors for their ongoing and outstanding generosity. In light of Brescia’s proposed integration with Western University, we want to ensure all current and future donors have been made aware of this announcement and understand that this may affect how their donations will be managed in future. Please note that both organizations continue to work towards a memorandum of agreement and, at this time, we do not have further detail about the ongoing management of donor funds, less the following:

Current and ongoing donor gifts form part of the gifted funds in respect of which Brescia is trustee (the “Brescia trust funds”). There will be an alteration relating to these funds, as Brescia’s historical affiliation with Western is evolving. Brescia has proposed to fully integrate its operations with Western University and it is anticipated that changes will be implemented on or about May 1, 2024.  Western University will be appointed as trustee of the Brescia trust funds and assuming responsibility for the management of the funds. These gifts shall continue to be awarded and administered under their existing names and shall be administered as closely as possible and practical, in accordance with their original intent and terms.   

If you are still interested in making a donation to Brescia at this time, we appreciate your willingness to do so. Please contact us at bucadv@uwo.ca if you have any questions.

Our charitable registration number is 10680 8462 RR0001.