Students in a classroom

Erin Rankin Nash

Erin Rankin NashCampaign Chair,

What inspired you to join the LEAD WITH US campaign as a volunteer?

Right now is an important time for women to stand up and make their voices heard. As the only women’s University in Canada, Brescia is poised to ensure their students learn important leadership skills that can form the foundation for the type of leader they hope to be in the future. We live in a time where so many leaders are lacking leadership skills. Developing these skills based on values that permeate through all aspects of decision making is essential to filling this leadership void.

Why do we need to support women’s education?

Women’s education is important because we still live in a world where many girls and women do not have the freedom to choose to pursue education.

Why is a women’s only university still relevant today?

Being in an environment surrounded by women allows everyone to have their voices heard, and not be afraid of being drowned out by louder or lower voices. It allows women the opportunity to speak and debate, and become fully engaged in their education and learning.

Tell us briefly about your experience as a business leader.

I have been fortunate to have many women role models in my life. I have learned so much from those who choose to be supportive, as well as from those who choose not to be supportive. My most important lesson is not to be afraid to take chances. And, to ensure I encourage as many women around me to take chances to become the fullest person they can be. There is no more satisfying reward then to see someone you have helped, even in some small way, grow and surpass your wildest expectations.

What is your conversation starter when talking to a community member?

When I speak about Brescia, I talk about all the exciting things that are happening at Brescia now – and how exciting it is going to be for the next 100 years. Brescia is fortunate the Ursuline sisters had a vision over 100 years ago to educate women. It is incredible to think that in 1919, women were finally just being allowed to vote. While the Ursuline sisters are no longer present in the day-to-day running of Brescia, their values are seen in everything that Brescia does.