Students sitting in classroom

Mitra Khademi

Mitra Khademi

Division Director, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

What inspired you to join the LEAD WITH US campaign as a volunteer?

Brescia is a special place and deserves a world of support. I can only think of the Ursuline Sisters in 1919 and all the hard work they went through to build and create Brescia. I feel I have to be part of the effort to help Brescia grow.

Why do we need to support women’s education?

We can be grateful for how far we have come in empowering women, but we still have a long way to go. Educating women and helping them learn to lead in their own field is an integral part of our future’s success.

Why is a women’s only university still relevant today?

As long as women need to be heard, respected, appreciated and given equal opportunities, we need women’s only universities. At Brescia, we get a chance to be heard and have a voice. With a focus on leadership and outcome-based learning, young women will assert that their voice can never be taken away from them. They can then become the next generation of successful leaders.

Tell us briefly about your experience as a business leader.

As a young girl, Brescia was exactly what I needed as a newcomer because it gave me the opportunity to learn. Now, many years later, as a volunteer, I am able to give back and be heard in our community. Brescia taught me to have a voice, and helped to broaden my mind. Brescia is what every young girl needs.

What is your conversation starter when talking to a community member?

I tell them to come and experience Brescia. Attend an event, talk to the students and or speak to one of our many inspiring faculty members. They will then see and feel how special Brescia is and how we can support even more successful future leaders.