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Legacy Giving

Making a legacy gift is a wonderful way to support Brescia for decades to come. No matter the size, your gift will help the women leaders of tomorrow with opportunities to be transformative, purposeful and empower.

Making a Bequest


Why give through your estate?
One of the most important choices you can make during your lifetime is the impact you wish to make through your Will. After taking care of the people closest to you – family or friends – you may wish to leave a gift through your Will, known as a bequest to support a charitable organization. A bequest allows you to defer your gift which gives you the opportunity to provide a significant gift without impacting your existing finances or lifestyle.
Why choose a charity for a bequest?
You might select an organization that had a significant impact on your life achievements, or through which you can help someone else or advance a cause that has deep personal meaning. Or, you may hold several causes close to your heart and want to remember more than one of them in your estate plans. There are many personal reasons why you might choose a charity for a bequest.
What is the most common way to leave a bequest?
The most common way and often the simplest way to leave a gift is through your Will. A bequest may specify a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or percentage of the residue of your estate to be donated to Brescia. Our team is available to discuss other future gift options with you such as life insurance, securities or registered retirement funds.
What are the benefits of making a bequest?
One of the great benefits of making a bequest is that you might be able to provide a greater level of support to Brescia through your Will than possible during your lifetime, especially if you need to keep most of your assets available. There are also tax advantages to making a bequest that benefit your estate.
What if I wish to change my estate plans?
You can modify a gift in your Will at any time. Your always remains in your control of your Will. It is important, however, to keep your Will up-to-date so that it best reflects your wishes. This may provide you with peace of mind that everyone and everything you care about will be looked after.
What areas of Brescia benefit from bequests?
You can designate your bequest to support the area of Brescia closest to your heart. For some alumnae, this means setting up a scholarship or bursary to help future students achieve their dreams; for others, this means supporting a particular School or program. You can establish an endowment through an estate gift to provide long-term support for Brescia. You can also leave funds to support Brescia’s highest priorities, knowing your gift will have a great impact on students, faculty and researchers when the time comes.
How would someone go about making a bequest to Brescia?
When considering a bequest, it is important to seek the guidance of qualified financial and legal advisors. Brescia is available to provide sample language for your Will, discuss options with you or your representative, and provide support to ensure your wishes will be followed. We want you to have full confidence in your decision. Brescia’s students, faculty and staff know that it is a great honour to receive your bequest and we sincerely value your trust and commitment to Brescia’s future.

Statement of Intent

If you have already made this wonderful commitment, please let us know so we can honour and celebrate your personal legacy to Brescia.

Statement of Intent Form

Ways to leave a legacy gift

The most common type of planned gift is a bequest, but there are many ways to give. The Brescia team can help you discover what best suits your needs.

The most common way and often the simplest way to leave a legacy gift is through your Will. A bequest may specify a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or a percentage of the residue of your estate that you would like donated to Brescia.
Life Insurance
Giving a life insurance policy to Brescia allows you to make a significant, lasting gift with minimal disturbance to your current savings or income.
By leaving a gift of securities in your Will, you are able to take advantage of generous tax incentives for gifts of publicly traded securities. There are no capital gain taxes on gifts of publicly traded securities to public charities. To benefit from this tax incentive, you would have to transfer the ownership of the securities to Brescia rather than selling the securities and then donating the proceeds.
Remaining funds in a RRSP and RRIF can be gifted to Brescia by naming Brescia University College as the beneficiary of the plan. Upon your passing, Brescia will receive the proceeds and your estate will receive the charitable tax receipt.