Taiyaba sitting on stairs

Taiyaba Nadeem

My name is Taiyaba Nadeem and I just completed my first-year at Brescia studying Management and Organizational Studies. My first year has been a rollercoaster; from getting lost on the first day of classes (I actually missed my first math lecture because I could not find the classroom) to making new friends (some of whom were also lost on campus), to failing my first ever midterm.

If I ever feel stressed about the school load, the academic advisors and student success center are very helpful; somewhere to just sit, talk and breathe. I remember panicking about my first micro economics midterm and a Soph at the student success center talked me through my stress. She told me about her experience as a first year student and how she failed her first midterm. I was so relieved after she told me she had been in the same situation. I was not the only one. We talked for a while, laughing and sharing funny stories. On that day this Soph who I barely knew looked after me like my big sister does. Brescia is becoming my second family.

After failing my first midterm, I went to talk to my professor and the first thing she said to me was “Hi Taiyaba, how are you”. Right after she said my name I was kind of shocked, because she knew who I was and that I had failed. I was surprised that a Brescia professor with dozens of other first year students knew my name and how I was doing in her class. She encouraged me not to give up. I felt supported. I took her advice and sky rocketed my next midterm. I went up to my professor after my second midterm and she said to me “I knew you could do it,” which put a huge smile across my face. The support I receive from my professors is awesome. I feel like I belong here. Every professor I encounter took the time to understand who I am and what I need and want from Brescia. Completing my first year as a student at Brescia was not an easy journey for me, but I know this is exactly where I want to be. I feel loved and at home.