Students outside Mother St James Building

Celebrate the Ursuline Spirit

Kat McCormack and Dr. Marlene Janzen Le BerMeet Kat McCormack, a fourth-year Brescia Leadership student, who will be one of over 200 students to join Brescia’s growing alumnae family at the end of this academic year. Like many students, Kat eagerly looks forward to beginning her exciting career journey following graduation – with her sights set on working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. But, also like many Brescia students, she has concerns about the challenging COVID-19 employment market that awaits her.

As a member of the Class of 2021, Kat’s student experience has been quite different than yours. However, she shares the same values of countless generations of Brescia students – including, the importance of giving back, reaching back to help other women succeed and leading with wisdom, justice and compassion. These qualities have been at the heart of the Brescia experience since our founding by the Ursuline Sisters in 1919, and remain paramount today. As an executive member of the Brescia University College Students’ Council, Kat strongly believes in Brescia’s mission and maintains that Brescia students are committed now – more than ever – to building that same sense of community that initially helped establish Brescia over 100 years ago.

As Kat knows, the life of a student in 2020 is very different than it has been in the past. The pressures and expectations on today’s young women are considerable, and the unpredictable job market and increased social isolation as a result of the pandemic only emphasize these realities.

"In 2020, when so many had to pause their plans and dreams,
Brescia’s alumnae community put their faith in me and
that has
made all the difference."

Having been the recipient of a donor-funded scholarship, Kat can attest to the fact that her scholarship helped to alleviate both financial and mental strain, allowing her to maximize her full academic potential. It has also opened her eyes to the fact that Brescia is not only a community that exists on campus, but that the bond one has to Brescia continues long past graduation and includes a connection with our committed alumnae.

Sister St.Michael with student scholarship recipients in 1974Unfortunately, Kat is not alone in her experience during the pandemic. Through her role as a student leader, she has witnessed the impact the pandemic is having on her fellow students, many questioning their ability to continue their studies. As a soon-to-be alumna, she looks forward to maintaining her relationship to Brescia throughout her career and supporting the needs of students – as was once done for her.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Kat is humbled and grateful to the Brescia alumnae community for your incredible gift of financial support, which has been fundamental in allowing her and her fellow students to truly embrace their university experience. Your generosity has kept the Ursuline spirit alive and the Brescia community strong – particularly during this challenging year. The impact of your generosity for students like Kat, is further proof that your continued support is needed now, more than ever before. Your dedication to Brescia’s next generation of women leaders is a gift like no other. It is helping our students achieve their dreams and allowing them to take on new challenges with each passing day.

As a bold Brescia alumna, ensure the Ursuline legacy
lives on through our students.

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