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Dependant Tuition Benefit Application

Tuition Benefit Provisions and Guidelines

Eligibility of Employee

The Tuition Benefit is available to the dependents of:

  1. Currently employed full-time staff and faculty members.
  2. Current regular part time staff, subject to prorating. Prorating will be based on the hours worked by the employee in the previous annual period. (July 1st to June 30th).
Eligibility of Dependant
Dependants of eligible Brescia employees, who meet Brescia entrance requirements and register in full-time or part-time undergraduate studies at Brescia, will be eligible to receive a Tuition Benefit.
Definition of a dependant for the purposes of this benefit
A dependant daughter shall be the employee’s natural, adopted, or step child who is unmarried, 25 years of age or less and dependent on the employee for financial care and support. Unmarried children over the age of 25 and who are financially dependent on the employee because of infirmity, either physical or mental, will also be considered dependent
Tuition Benefit Amount

The Tuition Benefit is calculated according to the current fee structure. The Tuition Benefit will cover undergraduate domestic academic tuition fees only. Other compulsory ancillary fees or any additional costs are the responsibility of the student.

The Tuition Benefit will be applied directly to the student’s tuition account. If fees have been paid in full, a cheque for the Benefit remaining will be issued to the student.

Tax Implications

Any Tuition Benefit will be treated as a taxable benefit in the hands of the dependant child/children receiving it, and a T4A (or equivalent) slip will be provided to that dependant following the end of the calendar year in which it was received.

Brescia scholarships

In the event that the dependant is eligible for a Brescia Scholarship, the value of the Tuition Benefit will be reduced such that the sum of the Tuition Benefit plus any Brescia Scholarship does not exceed the value of Brescia undergraduate domestic tuition plus compulsory ancillary fees.

Dependants may be eligible for Brescia Subject Awards. Subject Awards will not reduce the Tuition Benefit.

Students may hold a Tuition Benefit and, if eligible, a Brescia “externally funded” scholarship (e.g. donor funded). Externally funded scholarships will not reduce the Tuition Benefit.

In the event that any of the conditions above cease to exist, the Tuition Benefit ceases at that time (such that any refund of tuition fees for early withdrawal are returned to Brescia).

This guideline does not replace the Staff Association Terms of Conditions of Employment and language in the Brescia Faculty Association Collective Agreement.

The information gathered on this form is collected for the academic, administrative, and employment related purposes of the University, but not limited to, admissions, registration and maintaining records, and producing related tax forms.

Tuition Applicant Information 
Application is being made for *
Full-Time or Part-Time Student?*
Employee Information
Employee Confirmation 
I certify that the information given in this application is correct and that the applicant is my dependent as defined in guidelines for the dependent Tuition Benefit presented below. I understand that the student will receive a T4A for the full value of the Tuition Benefit applied to their account.*