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Brescia offers a wide variety of benefits for it's employees. Learn more about the benefit packages available for employees through the resources linked below (accessed via your UWO login).

Group Benefits

(Health, Dental, Out of Country Travel, LTD, AD&D, Life Insurance)

Access your Personal Internet based Group Health Benefits Account

Access to a confidential site where you can access bilingual information about your benefit plan, including claims inquiry and benefit eligibility, and an online health and wellness tool, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are also able to set up direct deposit for claims reimbursement, submit claims online, and review your balances and next available claim dates available for your Health Care Spending Account, Vision claims, and other benefits.

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General Information

Coordination of Benefits

In cases where an employee and spouse have different healthcare benefits, benefits are eligible for coordination of benefits. Canada Life benefits become your primary plan and pays your claims first. The secondary plan pays towards the remaining cost.

How does coordination of benefits work?

  • The expenses for the employee and spouse are submitted to their respective employer's benefit first, then to the other employer's benefit program. For example, a Brescia employee submits to Brescia's benefit plan first, then to spouse's benefit plan.
  • First payer for eligible dependent children is the benefit of the employee or spouse whose birth date is earlier in the year. For example, the spouse's birth date is April 1, the employee's is October 12. Children's claims go to the spouses' benefit first, then to Brescia's benefit plan.

Expenses not covered by the first benefit may be eligible for some reimbursement under the other benefit.

If you wish to update your coordination of benefits (i.e. spouse loses or gains coverage), please contact Brescia's Payroll Office for more information.

Health Care Spending Account Information

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Brescia’s Employee Assistance program is provided by Family Services Employee Assistance Programs (FSEAP). Employees eligible for services include full time permanent staff & faculty, part time permanent staff, and contract faculty teaching 1.0FCE or greater in the academic year.

Brescia employees and their dependent family members have a range of health and wellness services under the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), provided by FSEAP. The program is a complement to the current benefits program, at no additional cost to employees.

FSEAP offers short-term, confidential counselling that includes face-to-face (flexible hours), telephone or online sessions for a variety of reasons.
Please be assured that the program is confidential. Your private information, including whether you or your dependents have accessed the program, is never shared with family members or the University.

For more information, visit FSEAP

To access FSEAP’s Wellness online assistance, login with the information below:

  • User ID – Brescia University College
  • Password – myfseap


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Education Assistance Programs

To provide employees with opportunities for personal and career development, Brescia offers financial assistance to those who want to further their formal education. Benefits are available to regular full time and permanent part time faculty and staff staff members.

Find the following educational and professional development application forms on our site:

Faculty and staff are encouraged to visit their negotiated agreement to find out what educational benefits are applicable to them.

Flex Fund

Effective July 1, 2023, the University will provide a Flex Fund arrangement to eligible BFA and BUCSA members to allow for more flexibility in the use of PER, CWRTER and Professional Development (PD) entitlements. Eligible employees may allocate available funds from PER, CWRTER, and PD to flex funds to cover one or more of the four types of expenses: Health, Home Internet, Tuition for non-Brescia registered dependents and Wellness. The flex fund arrangement will commence on July 1, 2023 and end on April 30, 2024. 

Up to $1,000 may be used to pay for employee and/or eligible spouse/dependents qualifying medical and dental expenses not covered or partially covered by Brescia's group benefits plan or current HCSA dollars
Home Internet
Up to $240 may be used cover the costs of home internet 
Tuition for non-Brescia registered dependents
Up to $1,000 may be used to support the post secondary tuition costs for a dependent that does not qualify for the Brescia dependent tuition benefit
Up to $1,000 may be used to personal health and wellness for the employee