Ursuline Hall at Bresica with puffy clouds

Orientation Checklist

Your supervisor will arrange for any training required and an orientation of your department and the buildings at Brescia. The list below is a checklist that you can use to make sure you have pertinent information you require for a successful orientation in your initial meetings and in your first few weeks at Brescia.

The Week Before

  Ensure you have a clear idea of where you will be parking and how to find your way to your office.

  Obtain a temporary parking pass from your manager, if needed for the first day or complete a parking application and pick up your parking permit in advance.
  Complete your required payroll forms if you have time or complete in first week.


The First Day/Week

  Review your role and the expected outcomes with your manager.
  Ensure that you understand what is expected of you during the first week.
  Ask how you will communicate with your manager or receive support as you orient to your role.
  Familiarize yourself with the physical space of your work area:
  • Where to hang your coat
  • Where to store and eat your lunch
  • Where the washrooms are, etc.
  Familiarize yourself with the department’s role and organizational structure.
  Ask your manager about:
  • Working hours, and how lunches and breaks are managed.
  • Telephone, e-mail and internet use.
  • Protocols for sharing common resources (printer, fax etc.)
  • Covering for absences
  • How to notify manager of planned or emergency absences
  • Health and Safety practices
  • Probationary period (if applicable)
  • Formal and informal performance management and performance development
  • How vacation requests are handled
  Review office policies and procedures with your manager:
  • After hours and weekend office access
  • Office organization (files, supplies, etc.)
  • Office resources (directories, manuals, documentation)
  • Staff meetings
  • Accountability
  • Confidentiality
  • Ethics
  • Finance (accounts, travel, reimbursements)
  • Available IT support
  Complete your required training modules if you have time or complete in first week


Action Items for the First Week

  Obtain WesternOne (ID) Card at Student Central in WSSB 1120 (main campus).
  If you require building access to Clare Hall, Ursuline Hall or coded access to specific entrances at Brescia, your manager will arrange with Facilities Management for your ID card to be coded for access.
  Activate your email address by digitally signing the acceptable use agreement.
  Set up phone
  If you are a new full time employee, a meeting will be set up with payroll to review payroll and benefit and pension information.