Brescia staff sitting around a table

Required Training

Faculty and Staff are required to complete online training programs using OWL. Once you receive your computer login ID and password from Western and have completed the Acceptable Use Agreement, you will be able to access OWL.

Login with the same User ID and password you use for computer access at Brescia. After login, click "Yes, please add me" to join worksite.

Please forward copies of your completed training certificates to

  1. Plus icon

    Supervisor Health & Safety Training


    Mandatory for all academic and administrative leaders, manager, supervisors (including work study supervisors), and anyone who has the responsibility of overseeing others' work. If you complete this module, you do are not required to complete the Worker version.

  2. Helmet icon

    Employee Health & Safety Training


    Worker Health & Safety training-Mandatory for all Brescia staff and faculty.

  3. WHIMIS icon

    WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System


    WHMIS training-Mandatory for all Brescia staff and faculty. All existing staff and faculty must complete the new version of WHMIS if you have not completed this training since May 2, 2016.


  4. Accessability icon

    Accessibility in Service

    Mandatory for all Brescia Faculty Chairs, Department Coordinators, and all Brescia Staff with the exception of Library Staff.

  5. Laptop icon

    Accessibility in Teaching

    Mandatory for all Brescia Faculty and Library Staff.

Other courses or training may be required depending on your role or duties at Brescia. Please confirm your specific training requirements with your supervisor.