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International Meet and Greet

“What does a career in Canada look like?” This is a frequently asked question from Brescia’s international community, as they navigate their options and personal career journeys in Canada. It is also the launching pad for Brescia University College’s immersive summer learning initiative, the International Meet and Greet Program.

In August 2020, Brescia’s International Department partnered with the Educational Sub-Council of the London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP) London Chapter to provide this new and experiential opportunity. The program is designed to connect Brescia’s students with London professionals to learn about various career opportunities and sectors within the Canadian workforce.

The Program – unique to Brescia – matched one international student with a designated mentor, of whom the student was interested in learning from, for a one-time informative meeting. Students who participated in the pilot Program not only discovered more about working life in Canada, but also acquired practical communications skills and networking capabilities.

Daniella Christopher

 “Meeting with the professionals over the summer was enlightening! It allowed me to have an in-depth look at my desired professions and gain deeper insight into the field.” - Daniella Christopher, matched with Rebecca D’Souza, Youth Worker



Huiwen Lu“I learned a lot about the Business field, and discovered the different jobs that were out there in Canada for me in the field.”  - Huiwen Lu, matched with Emily Schinbein, Director Financial Services 


Rosa Ramirez Holguin

 “It was a great opportunity to speak with people already in my dream fields and their advice and insights are invaluable.” - Rosa Ramirez Holguin, matched with Paulette Desjardins, Community Development Specialist and Saad Aldin, Finance Specialist




“She answered all of my questions and I learned a lot from the session! The session was a great guide at what my options are in the future.” - Xuanqiao Wang, matched with Rose Aquino, Registered Psychotherapist and Mental Health Wellness Support for Western University.



Jeanique Wilson

 “I’d like to thank Ms. Emily Schinbein for giving me such valuable insight into the accounting industry. She enlightened me on her own experiences and reassured me that I was on the right path.” - Jeanique Wilson, matched with Emily Schinbein, Director Financial




  • Emily Schinbein - Director of Financial Services
  • Paulette Desjardins- Project Manager, Carrefour Communautaire Francophone de London
  • Melanie Elms- Public Health Nurse, Middlesex London Health Unit
  • Jennifer Sandu - Social Worker & Cross Cultural Learner Centre
  • Rose Aquino - Psychologist, Western University Student Health Services
  • Saad Aldin - London Business Owner
  • May Ali - Professonal Interior Designer & Professor of Fanshawe College
  • Kim Loupos - Registered Dietitians Middlesex London Health Unit
  • Jennifer Strong - Science Researcher
  • Mia Lobache - Lawyer, Michael Lobache Law
  • Rebecca D'Souza - Youth Worker, YMCA
  • Lyn Loubert - Aquatics Manager, City of London
  • Mohamed Aladeimi - Director of Settlement Services, South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre 

To participate in Brescia’s 2021 International Meet and Greet program, please email Lissette Ochoa.

 The LMLIP is a collaborative initiative that strengthens the community’s ability to successfully integrate immigrants in all aspects of life in our region. Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it is one of 77 Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP’S) across the country. The LMLIP has a volunteer-driven Central Council and five issue-specific sub-councils (Settlement, Health & Well-being, Education, Employment and Inclusion & Civic Engagement) and over 125 members. It also has the support of close to 100 organizations.  ​