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Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club empowers Brescia students to engage in diversity and inclusion inatitives not only on campus, but throughout our community. Students learn about cultures from around the world through various events and activities to celebrate each others unique differences. 

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Meet the Executives

  • Panashe headshot.

    Panashe Nyaude



  • Hawazin headshot.

    Hawazin Alotaibi


    Saudi Arabia

  • Esraa headshot.

    Esraa Naguib

    Vice-Presdient of Events


  • Jeanique headshot.

    Jeanique Wilson

    Vice-President of Finance

    St. Lucia

  • Rosa headshot.

    Rosa Ramirez Holguin

    Vice-President of Outreach and Communication

    Dominican Republic