Brescia University

Book a Study Room

We have two study rooms available for Brescia students. Study rooms and equipment may be booked at any time within the current semester for a maximum of three hours per group, per day, up to a maximum occupancy of 6 people at once. Only Brescia students are able to book study rooms at the Beryl Ivey Library. Users are encouraged to sign up in advance to ensure room availability. Study rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Book a study room


Users who have checked the key out from the library service desk are responsible for locking the study room door and returning the key to the service desk. Failure to return a key on time will result in a fine, assessed per hour. Failure to return a key will result in a fine and key replacement cost.

Please report any problems to the library staff at the service desk.

Check Out

Users who have reserved a study room are welcome to begin using the room as soon as their booking time becomes available. Users must check out the study room key from the library staff at the service desk. Access to study rooms is open to all Brescia students and it is the borrower’s responsibility to inform current users that the room has a booking. Students who have booked a study room have priority over those currently occupying the space.

Please note that study room reservations will be forfeited if the person who booked the room has not checked the key out within 10 minutes of the reserved time-slot.

User Responsibilities

Users are responsible for the study room, study room equipment, and furniture while using the study room. Please note that computers are not available in study rooms: users are expected to provide their own laptop or reserve a library laptop for use in the study rooms. Study rooms are equipped with wireless internet access, a digital projector, DVD players, and a whiteboard.

The safety and security of all AV equipment borrowed is the responsibility of the borrower once the equipment has been checked out from the service desk.

Any damage to, or theft of, AV equipment while it is checked out, as well as resulting fees, are the responsibility of the borrower. It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that all borrowed AV equipment is returned intact and in order and is demonstrated as such to the supervising instructor and/or a library staff member. It is the responsibility of the borrower to inspect the equipment for damage and to report found damage prior to checking out.