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Student Resources

Congratulations! If you have received email notification from the Financial Aid Office that you have been approved for the BOLD Works program, you will find information on your next steps here.
  1. Submit a BOLD Works application. You will receive notice by e-mail if you meet all the requirements of the program. Only APPROVED students should complete the remaining steps.
  2. Find a job. Approved BOLD Works students will have to apply for available positions and arrange an interview. If you do not obtain a position, and submit a completed contract within the deadline you have been given, your application will be cancelled.
  3. Arrange your contract. If you are offered a position, you must present your supervisor with your contract and have him/her sign it, and submit additional payroll documentation.
  4. Attend an Orientation Session.
  5. Start Work. After you have completed the above steps you can start working your hours, until the program ends or you reach your maximum allotted hours.


Policy and Procedure
Job Postings

Reminder: Only students who have submitted a BOLD Works application AND who have been approved by the Financial Aid Office for the program, should be in contact with supervisors with posted positions.

Please visit the job postings page for a listing of these jobs.

Engagement Modules

During your time in BOLD Works, you’ll have several touch points, in the form of student-led assessments, to pause and reflect on your learning. If this is your first time as a BOLD Works student, you will need to attend a mandatory orientation session. During this session, we will review the BOLD Works OWL site with its month-by-month career development themes, go over the three assessments, and talk about meaningfully connecting with your work and goals.

BOLD Works provides students with an opportunity to further engage with the various career development themes, as well. With three streams, (Career Ready, Gold, and Platinum), students can receive credits for their Co-Curricular Record upon successful completion.

Payroll Forms