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OSAP Forms

Below is a listing of forms that may be relevant to your situation for the current academic year. Can’t find your form here? Check the Forms Section on the OSAP website.

Completed forms can be uploaded to your OSAP account or submitted to the The HIVE at Brescia, attention: Financial Aid Officer

Fall/Winter Academic Year
Spring/Summer Academic Term

Registering for courses for the Summer term and applying for OSAP?

Please review the following information on how to apply:

  • To be eligible for Full-time OSAP for the summer term, students must be enrolled in a minimum 60% course load, or in a minimum 40% course load for students who self identify as having a permanent disability.
  • If you have a current Fall/Winter OSAP Application, the summer term is an extension of this application and only requires the completion of a Summer Supplemental Form, noted below.
  • If you do not have a current Fall/Winter OSAP application, and you are registered in a minimum 12 week study period for the summer term, an online OSAP application is necessary in addition to the Summer Supplemental form.

  • Western Undergraduate Summer Supplemental OSAP Application
  • Summer OSAP Change Form