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Scholarship Appeal

Scholarship appeal are for extenuating circumstances. If serious extenuating circumstances affected your ability to meet the renewal criteria you may appeal for a one-time exception. The standard conditions to retain a continuing scholarship are outlined in the ‘Undergraduate Scholarship and Award Policy & Procedure’ manual.

Deadline: September 15th, annually to submit a scholarship appeal.


  • A personal statement of explanation/rationale outlining the extenuating circumstances
  • Supporting Documentation
Personal Information
Have you filed a scholarship appeal in the past?*
Why do you need to appeal?
Personal Statement
Supporting Documentation

Mandatory Declaration

  1. I certify the information on this Scholarship Appeal Form, my personal statement, and any supporting documentation are accurate, true, and complete to the best of my knowledge. Failure to provide complete accurate and updated information may result in the original decision being recanted.
  2. I authorize the Scholarship Review Committee to access previously submitted documentation (ex. to the Registrar’s Office) in support of this appeal (such as medical documentation).
  3. I understand that a submission of appeal does not guarantee approval.
  4. I am aware that communication of any decision resulting from this application will be done via my Western email address. A copy of the scholarship appeal will be kept in your student file.


If you have read and understand the above statement, please include your name and date below.