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Tuition & Fees

It is the responsibility of the student to familiarize themselves with University Fees, Payment Due Dates and the Refund Schedule.  All students agree to abide by these policies by the act of registration and are responsible for reporting any discrepancy.

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Fees and Refunds

Explore your fees and refund options as a Brescia student.

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Statement of Account

Your statement of account will provide you with your account information including tuition, residence, ancillary and other fees

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Payment Methods

Bresica offers a variety of payment offers for students.

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Important Dates

Learn more about important dates and upcoming deadlines.

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Residence Fees

Learn more about the residence fees for the upcoming academic year.

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Youth in Extended Society Care

Former or current youth in the care of the children’s aid society, who are pursuing their first postsecondary degree, may be eligible for financial support.

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