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Fees and Refunds

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Fee Schedule

See the list of fee schedules for the fall/winter and summer terms.

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Ancillary Fees and Opt-Outs

Part of being a student is having access to a number of valuable services. Learn more about the breakdown of these services.

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Course Changes/Withdrawals & Refund Schedule

Before making any changes to your course load, it is important to consider the impact on your fees. Scholarships, awards and bursaries may be impacted.

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Refund Request 

Students can complete the following form to request a refund for an outstanding credit balance issued by cheque or Interact e-transfer.

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Tuition Calculator

Bresica's tuition calculator is part of a carefully designed program that can help guide students through estimating their financial aid options.

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Program and Per Course Fee Information

For students studying in undergraduate programs at Brescia, learn more about how tuition and ancillary fees are constructed. 

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