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Course Changes/Withdrawals & Refund Schedule

Before making any changes to your course load, it is important to consider the impact on your fees. Scholarships, awards and bursaries may be impacted. OSAP eligibility and funding assessment may also be impacted. Students are encouraged to visit the HIVE to determine the financial implications, if any.

After the start of classes, the amount of refund or reduction in fees owing for course changes decreases weekly. The amount of refund or reduction in fees owing is calculated based on the withdrawal/drop date authorized by the Academic Advisor.

All charges and outstanding fees accrued to the drop date or date of withdrawal will remain due and payable on the student’s account. Non-payment of tuition fees does not cancel registration in courses.  Students who do not withdraw from their courses properly will be responsible for payment of the course(s).

The amount of tuition adjustment will be determined by the date on which the course has been dropped and whether the course load drops below or less than 4.0.  The amount will be pro-rated in accordance with the REFUND SCHEDULE.  Please note that if the course load does not drop below 4.0, there is no fee adjustment for dropped courses.

Refund requests can be submitted online using the Refund Request Form.  

Fall/Winter Refund Schedule

Summer Refund Schedule

Fees for spring and summer courses are administered by Western University. Please refer to the Western Summer Refund Schedule.