Student sitting in chairs studying in the Rose Room.

Refund Request

Students can complete this form to request a refund for an outstanding credit balance. Refunds are issued by cheque or Interact e-transfer.

  • If the refund is to be issued by cheque, ensure that you provide your current mailing address
  • If the refund is to be issued by e-transfer, you must use your Western email address for security reasons, and have a Canadian Bank Account. Once the refund is processed, you will receive an email from  and can deposit the funds into a bank account of your choice once you respond to a security question.
  • If you are an international student requesting a refund, contact for further instructions. All refunds to international students will be directed back to the original method in which the payment of fees was made.
  • NOTE: Refunds will not be processed during the month of August through to late October. Requests will still be received during this timeframe, and remain pending until the request is processed in late October/early November.
Refund Distribution*
If you selected your refund distribution as a cheque, please complete your mailing address below.
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