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Youth in Extended Society Care

Brescia University College recognizes the need to make post-secondary education more accessible for youth leaving care. Former or current youth in the care of the children’s aid society, who are pursuing their first postsecondary degree, may be eligible for financial support. This financial support is meant to recognize the unique circumstances and needs of youth in extended care society who enroll in postsecondary studies at our institution.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Expired out of Extended Society Care at the age of 18 years (not publicly adopted)
  • Must apply for non-repayable grant funding through full-time or part-time OSAP each academic year (Students do not need to accept the loan funding)
  • Must be eligible for minimum of $1.00 of grant funding on your OSAP assessment
  • Must self-identify through the OSAP application process and provide the supporting documentation (Verification of Status with Children’s Aid Society Form – OSAP)
  • Must demonstrate financial need

*Students who do not meet these criteria can still apply for General Bursary consideration

Verification of Status with Ontario's CAS

Students must provide a completed Verification of Status with Ontario Children’s Aid Society form and a letter from CAS indicating the length of time for which you have been or were in extended society care.

Verification form


Checklist Items
  1. Apply for admission to Brescia University College, in the program of your choice
  2. Apply for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
  3. Self Identify as a former or current youth in Extended Society Care
  4. Complete a Financial Assistance Application
  5. Book a meeting with the Financial Aid Officer
Applying to Brescia 

Step 1: Submit your application to Brescia through OUAC.

Step 2: Apply for reimbursement for your application fee.

Step 3: If needed, submit an application profile to explain any extenuating circumstances impacting your application.

Require additional information? Please contact your Admissions Officer.

Applying for OSAP

In order to qualify students must complete an OSAP application for their academic year and submit all required supporting documents. Please Visit to apply. 

If you require assistance in filling out your OSAP application, we are here to help! Please send an email to to book an appointment with the Financial Aid Officer.

How to Self Identify

Eligible students must self-identify as a current or former youth in extended society care to Brescia University College. This is done in 3 ways:

1) Through the OSAP application process by completing the "Verification of Status with Ontario's CAS" form (see above link)

2) Identifying on the financial assistance application, by selecting the appropriate check box (see details below).

3) And by booking an appointment with the Financial Aid Officer (see step below) indicating that you would like to be considered for financial assistance as a Youth in extended society care.

Financial Assistance Application

Complete the Financial Assistance Application which opens each summer..

There is a check box on the application that asks "Are you applying for financial assistance as a 'Youth in Extended Society Care'?"

Apply now

Meet with the Financial Aid Officer

Book an appointment with the Financial Aid Officer at Brescia by sending an email to In the email, please indicate that you would like to be considered for financial assistance as a Youth in extended society care.

This is an important step as we want to ensure that students are supported and connected in all ways on campus during their academic journey, to encourage your success.

Additional Financial Aid Opportunities

At Brescia, we believe that financial concerns should never stand in the way of an empowering education.