Dr. Colleen Hanycz

About Dr. Colleen Hanycz

Dr. Colleen Hanycz, a highly-respected lawyer, former Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Law at Toronto’s much-admired Osgoode Hall, joined Brescia University College in July 2008 as its 11th Principal and was with Brescia until spring of 2015.

Under the steadfast leadership of Dr. Hanycz Brescia introduced a BOLD new brand. The campaign BOLD – Choose to Lead redefined the school, and embodied more than just a logo or tagline. Brescia Bold encapsulated the essence of the school’s honoured past and bold new future. Brescia aimed to redefine and set the Canadian benchmark of what it means to lead boldly. Since her arrival, Brescia has experienced a period of unprecedented growth and change.

In 2010, Dr. Hanycz launched the school’s visionary five-year strategic plan, Living Leadership, a bold initiative to strengthen Brescia’s competitive position, while still embracing its core values. The plan had four strategic objectives with a key focus to increase student enrollment by 20% over the following five years. In support of this ambitious goal, in 2013 Brescia opened the stunning, eco-friendly, 31.1 million dollar residence and dining pavilion – Clare Hall and the Mercato.

After an outstanding seven-year term as Principal of Brescia University College, Dr. Hanycz accepted an appointment to lead La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as its next President officially in July of 2015. She is the first female and lay President of La Salle since its founding as a university in 1863.

In recognition of Dr. Hanycz’s leadership, the schools’ Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and friends of Brescia joined together to raise over $100,000 to establish the Dr. Hanycz Leadership Lecture. This annual lecture for students is designed to bring outstanding leaders to Brescia to share their knowledge, experience and advice to inform and inspire women leaders of the future.