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For over a century Brescia has delivered educational experiences designed to develop the voices, confidence and leadership skills of learners. We are proud to continue to serve the needs of learners in new and exiting ways through our professional development programming.

At Brescia, we want to empower individuals and organizations to access the knowledge and the skills they want to build the personal and professional life that aligns with their goals. Our facilitators will connect you with programming that enriches your life and empowers you to do the same for others.

Brescia is proud to offer the following areas of focus to elevate participants' knowledge and skills, so they feel more readily able to lead within the sectors of their choice.

Brescia is proud to offer the following areas of focus to elevate the knowledge and skills of participants, so they feel more readily able to lead within the sectors of their choice.


A journey in community healing

Part 1: Equitable and Inclusive Practices in Action

This course equips participants with tools to understand and advance equitable and inclusive practices in all aspects of their lives. Drawing on empathetic connections, real life themes and experiences, students will cultivate a deeper awareness of dominant systems that foster oppressive practices and develop a commitment to community healing.

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Part 2: Equitable and Inclusive Practices in Action

This course enables participants to embed tools and frameworks into their work practices, through collaborative and shared learning approaches. Drawing on foundational themes from the Part 1: Equitable and Inclusive Practices in Action course, participants will translate their understanding to application through the practice of project design and implementation.

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Leadership & Community

Leadership in Community Engagement

This program is designed for seasoned and aspiring principals, division leaders in elementary and secondary schools, and Board leaders in community and development-based positions. Through a social learning approach, participants will acquire theoretical and practical foundations in community engagement and will apply their learning by developing, implementing, and evaluating a school project that is meaningful to them, their community, and their students.

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Leadership Programming for Organizations

Brescia’s Centre for Leadership program for leader development builds on three critical components of effective leadership: leader character, leader competencies (people competencies, organizational competencies, strategic competencies, business competencies), and leader commitment. In addition, various aspects of Leading Self, Engaging Others, Achieving Results, Developing Coalitions & Partnerships, and Transforming Systems are woven throughout the leader development courses.

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Leading Boldly in Changing and Challenging Times

Discover how a “bigger picture” approach to leadership can extend and enhance our purpose, so we are more energized in our pursuit of making a difference – in everyday and completely revolutionary ways.

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Leading boldly
Financial competence to build a growth-focused foundation

Financial Competence to Gain Financial Confidence

During this course, designed specifically for individuals with a limited financial background, you will learn the basics of how to understand and interpret an organization's financial situation. The learning in this course is applicable to both managers and Board Members with the desire to be better equipped to participate in financial discussions and decision-making.

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Stop Telling Boring Stories: Create Brand Messaging That Moves People to Action (Not Tears)

Developing a brand story with nuanced emotion that does not offend or isolate anyone is no easy task. But, with the right approach to two-way research; a willingness to push corporate boundaries; and a sincere desire to celebrate your audiences, you can hit that sweet spot of engaging yet inclusive narrativization that convinces as much as it converts.

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