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Internal Research Grant

The Brescia Internal Research Grant (IRG) supports the overall development of faculty research and creative scholarship at Brescia and enhances faculty researchers’ competitiveness for external funding. The Brescia IRG is intended to provide Brescia faculty members with the resources to:

  • Initiate new research that builds on their current research programs
  • Obtain seed funding for developing research initiatives, in anticipation of applying for funding from external granting agencies (e.g., CIHR, SSHRC, and other funding sponsors)

The Brescia IRG is intended to support distinctive research projects, however, it is not intended to act as a substitute for external funding. Faculty are encouraged to work with the Research Officer to investigate and apply for external funds. [Grant award period: May 1 – April 30]

Due dates, Brescia IRG 2021-22:

  • Optional: To receive internal feedback from the Research Officer, submit your completed draft no later than 17 February 2021. Applications received after that date may not receive feedback before the final submission due date.
  • Final Due Date: 03 March 2021, end of day. Submit to the Research Officer.

Brescia IRG Guidelines and Application Form:

Brescia IRG FAQ:

More information about common Brescia IRG-related issues can be found here:

Project Description - Quality of proposal
  • The ‘Research Proposal / Project Description’ (Section B) portion of the Application provides the applicant with up to five (5) pages to convince the committee to fund the project. The argument/rationale should be clear, convincing, and detailed so the committee does not have any questions about what activities, methods, protocol etc. are proposed, while ensuring that the six (6) elements requested in the Application ‘Project Description’ are thoroughly answered.

  • The application and grant acts as a seed fund for potential future Tri-Council funding applications, so the submitted application should be written to reflect that type of submission.

  • Applicants are encouraged to contact the Research Officer to discuss their application in advance of the due date.

Project Description – Objective / Scope requirement
  • The ‘Research Proposal / Project Description’ (Section B) portion of the Application requires the applicant to include a section focusing on the “Objective / Scope” of the project. This section should outline the purpose of the project, an explanation of why it is necessary to undertake it, the research questions, and the project should be carefully situated in the relevant literature.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) definition 
  • If applicants identify their project as SoTL-focused, they are reminded of the following definition: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research area helps to develop an understanding of teaching and learning studies in the context of higher education, and aims to improve them. Scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds conduct SoTL-research, in order to further understanding of: student learning, innovations in teaching practice, and changes within higher education.

Equipment policy 
  • Applicants are reminded that the BIRG Guidelines state that any asset / purchase made with BIRG funds with useful life over one (1) year in duration is the property of Brescia (see Guidelines, page 1, ‘Equipment Ownership’). This allows for the creation of a loaning system for future use by others.

 Budget – requests above $2000
  • Applicants are encouraged to stay within the budgetary maximum of $2000. This reflects the process used by Tri-Council funders, where requests generally cannot exceed a stated maximum dollar amount.

 Budget – ineligible expenses
  • Applicants are encouraged to review the list of eligible and ineligible expenses outlined in the Guidelines (pages 3 and 4), as applicants are responsible for ensuring budgets comply with this policy. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Research Officer to discuss budget eligibility prior to submission.

 Budget – justification statements
  • Applicants are reminded to input the required justification statements (1-3 sentences) for items included in each budget table they complete in ‘Section C’ of the application.