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Brescia's Research Day


Fall 2019 Research Talk

Contingent Storyworlds in Seth’s Graphic Novel Clyde Fans

Speaker: Dr. Dominick Grace, Professor, English, School of Humanities

Seth’s Clyde Fans explores how its protagonists, Abe and Simon Matchcard, construct their own storyworlds. Seth depicts Simon’s world, especially, as one in which reality, dream, and hallucination blur together, creating a contingent, subjective, and uncanny world. The subjective nature of Simon’s experiences mean much of what happens to him creates a contingent reality: readers are suspended between possibilities as to whether Simon’s experiences are objectively real or hallucinatory. Consequently, Clyde Fans becomes a work of the fantastic uncanny, in which the nature of the storyworld is contingent on the perception not only of the characters, but also of readers.