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Nutrition and Dietetics

When you choose to study Nutrition and Dietetics at Brescia, you will be given the opportunity to explore your passion for nutrition, while gaining a strong foundation of the significant influence food has on human life. 

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Your Degree at Work: Industries/Employers

  • Healthcare: Hospitals, family health teams, community health centres, long-term care private practice or diabetes education centres
  • Food Manufacturing and Production: Food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Non-profit: Non-governmental food and health charities and organizations
  • Policy, Public Health and Government: Government (Health Canada) and health units
  • Business and Industry: Private sector health companies and consulting firms


  • Administrative Dietitian
  • Clinical Dietitian
  • Health Promoter
  • Freelance Food Writer
  • Bariatric Educator
  • Infant Feeding Assistant
  • Certified Fitness Consultant
  • Consumer/Public Relations Specialist
  • Researcher
  • Nutrition Educator
  • Product Developer
  • In-Store Dietitian
  • Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Curriculum Planner
  • Customer/Marketing Analyst
  • Culinary Technologist


  • Dietetics: Registered Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and dietary services supervisor
  • Healthcare: Lactation consultant, infant feeding assistant, clinical nutrition manager, patient education specialist and laboratory technician
  • Business and Industry:  Safety advisor, nutrition and marketing manager and territory manager for Nestle health science

Professional Associations and Industry-Related Networks:

  • Nutrition Professionals of Canada
  • Dietitians of Canada
  • Canadian Public Relations Society
  • Ontario College of Teachers
  • Human Resources Professionals Association
  • Student Human Ecology Association
  • Ontario Home Economics Association
  • London Home Economics Association
  • Association of Local Public Health Agencies
  • Food Processing Skills Canada