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My Career Journey

Student wearing green shirt.

My Self

Understanding who you are and how your unique values, skills and interests contribute to your professional life and career journey are invaluable. When you understand what motivates you, you can identify not only what excites you, but why it does.

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My Options

When thinking about your career journey, myOptions is all about researching and gathering career information to guide your decisions. As you embark in this process, it is vital to have a sense of occupational trends, field requirements, and any further education needed in your areas of interest.

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Student standing up leading group discussion in library study room.

My Toolkit

Ensuring your self-marketing package is in great shape, working on a polished digital presence, and honing your networking and interview skills are all necessary parts of your career journey toolkit.

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My Experiences

Gaining experience throughout your career journey is all about exposure to options and seizing opportunities, developing your skills, and making meaning of your experiences. Experiential learning connects you with practical experiences that include authentic and focused reflection.

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My Next Move

Pivitol moments in your career journey are those transition points when your priorities are clear and take centre stage in your decision-making, and when you can shift your focus to actions and goals. 

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