Student sitting on a bench talking to a mentor

Professional Mentors

The Professional Mentoring Program is an opportunity for upper-year students in any discipline to be matched with a professional mentor, who may be a Brescia alumna or community member.

Mentoring is a great way for mentees to increase their communication and networking skills, help prepare for their future career, support the transition into the professional work force and is an opportunity to develop your skills while learning from someone else’s experiences.

Throughout this program, mentees develop skills and knowledge for personal and professional growth related to:

  • Self-exploration through increased clarification of goals, values, interests and skills
  • Greater understanding of career information, occupational trends and field requirements
  • Job search skills, including the refinement of documents and tools such as the mentees’ resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, as well as interviewing skills and techniques
  • Experiential learning through connections with mentors and their networks, including the exploration of options related to desired career paths
  • Professional networking, relationship building, and professionalism

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