Brescia University

Co-Curricular Record

This official document from the university highlights your participation in activities and initiatives that complement all the learning that takes place in the classroom. Workshops, leadership positions, volunteer experience and professional development opportunities can all be added to your Co-curricular Record to showcase to employers the skills and learning that you participated in outside of your time in the classroom.

Why get involved in university?

  • Employers hire new graduates who have a variety of learning experiences 
  • Engaged students are typically happier and balanced individuals 
  • Networking outside the classroom will help gain strong social connections

Connecting to the Brescia Competencies 

Every experience you engage in directly connects with one or more of Brescia’s Competencies, and through these competencies you are developing the skills, values, and abilities that employers seek. 

Learn more

Visit Western Connect to access your co-curricular record, and be sure to include experiences at Brescia, but also those you may have participated in at King’s, Huron and Western campuses.