Six students posing on a bench in the courtyard outside Clare Hall.

Wellness Peers

The Wellness Peer Program is a student driven program that emphasizes the motto of “by students, with students, for students” with advisement from the Student Wellness Educator. Wellness Peers are mental health champions at Brescia and will encourage early help-seeking behaviours by teaching students about the mental health continuum, resilience building, increasing knowledge of self-care/self-management strategies and how to recognize when individuals should seek help. 

What do the Wellness Peers do? 

As a team of second to upper-year students, the Wellness Peers participate in developing campus-wide initiatives and key institutional messages using multiple approaches (ie. website, social media, workshops, print resources, video, etc) to improve supportive attitudes and awareness of mental health and wellness.

What is the Student Coordinator role on the Wellness Peer team? 

The Student Coordinator role is an enhanced volunteer opportunity for a student on the Wellness Peer team by assisting the Student Wellness Educator in administering all aspects of the programs. The Student Coordinator will assist with program administration, program development, workshop facilitation, Wellness Education Peer support and other areas as needed. 

How do I become a Wellness Peer or Student Coordinator? 

Wellness Peer and Student Coordinator recruitment takes place during the #bestudentlife campaign in February-March of each academic year. For more information on the position and how to apply, contact the Student Life Centre at

Peer Support Space

The Peer Support Space is open to all Brescia students seeking support to speak with thoroughly trained Wellness Peers promoting mental wellness.

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