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Baines Peer Support Space

The Baines Peer Support Space(s), driven by the Wellness Peers, is a drop-in service focused on peer-to-peer support for students who want to talk, need a place to take a break and/or want help navigating resources. By fostering a spirit of openness and understanding through peer-based support, the goal of the service is to provide students accessible information to better their whole health. Peer support is emotional and practical support between people who share a common experience ie. Being a student who experiences academic/personal stress. Wellness Peers promote mental health and wellbeing, resilience building, and increasing self-care and self-management strategies. Most of all they promote a whole person approach to wellness and offer hope, empowerment, and connection. 

The Baines Peer Support Space is located in St. James, Room 157 with a satellite space for Residence students in Clare Hall, Room 261 (formerly, the second floor south study room). If you are not a student who lives in residence but would like to access this space, please visit the Clare Hall front desk and ask for a swipe card. 

Peer Support is the first stop for many students before accessing further services. This service is a Peer Program run through the Student Life Centre and while this program is provided by Brescia students, they are advised, trained, and supported by Student Life staff members.


The Baines Peer Support Space has been intentionally created to be a space unlike any other on-campus, offering:

  • Calming items to help with grounding
  • Accessible resources for students to learn from
  • Peers to provide hope and help
  • Destressing activities ie. coloring, playdough, figit toys, slap braclets 
  • Happy Lamp for light therapy 
  • Muse meditation headbands 
  • And so much more!

Hours of Operation


St. James 157 

Clare Hall 261 South
Monday 10am-7pm  CLOSED
Tuesday 10am-7pm 6pm-9pm
Wednesday  10am-7pm 6pm-9pm
Thursday 10am-7pm 6pm-9pm
Friday  10am-1pm CLOSED