Student on a computer talking to peers.


Discover the student experience with the Thriving at Brescia program.

Student sitting and talking“This program has helped me realize that sometimes taking walks, going for a run can have such a big impact on a person’s daily life and mood. This program not only helped me physically and mentally but also helped me learn strategies on how to study which helped my marks by a LOT. This program has definitely made me a better student but also a bold leader, it has helped me realize that I get to learn so much from my classmates.”


Online classroom“After the completion of this program, thriving has a completely different meaning to me! I feel totally prepared and equipped to handle and succeed in the many ups and downs being a student athlete at Brescia can throw at you. Not only have I developed a better understanding of what thriving truly means, I also have extremely helpful and versatile skills and tools to add to my tool box on adapting to challenges a university student might face. I am confident these skills and experiences are ones that will be useful and beneficial for my time as both a student at Brescia, and an athlete at Western. Before this course, I knew what thriving was, but know I know how to thrive in my own life. Taking this course was a fond experience and correlates to improvements both in the classroom and on the ice. This course was one of the best things I could have done for myself!” – TAB 2020-2021 student – TAB 2020-2021 student

Students sitting in the Mercato“This program has taught me and realized that to take time and to really learn about the values and lessons that were brought to me. For example, I learned that self-compassion was one thing that I used to help better myself because there were times where I was confused and lost within some school assignments. The values I have learned managed my stress and anxiety and taught me to sometimes take a break, take a breath, and relax for a bit so my mind isn’t always worrying about certain tasks too much. I wanted to create and start somewhere to help build values such as confidence and self-awareness and this program has not only taught me that but also has made me observe that I would become a bold leader for tomorrow’s future success one day. Learning to thrive during my time in this program is an understatement because I have experienced and learned more than what I expected. Thriving, confidence, self-compassion was only a few of them to name out of many but they were one of my personal favourite and I believe is what helped me overcome barriers which were anxiety and stress during these times of a pandemic.”- TAB 2020-2021 student