Three Brescia Sophs with sunglasses on.

Join the Orientation Team

Within the Orientation Program there are a number of student leader positions available at Brescia and Western. These positions vary in their responsibilities and time commitment, but all provide an amazing opportunity for our student leaders to become a part of a close-knit team and develop a wide-variety of transferable skills that can be used in a number of careers/fields.

Recruitment and hiring occur at various times throughout the year depending on the position. To keep up-to-date on recruitment, programming and important dates related to New Student Orientation, visit our Upcoming Opportunities page.

Positions Available at Brescia

A group of Brescia Sophs.

Soph Peer Mentor 

At the heart of the Orientation Program, Brescia Sophs are involved in two very vital components of the program: student support and program facilitation. These individuals are a resource to our incoming students, while working with the Programming Assistants and Head Soph to ensure that program facilitation runs smoothly.

Applications open in January, with interviews occurring in March.

The three members of Brescia's Orientation Leadership Team..

Programming Assistant 

Programming Assistants support the Head Soph and Soph Team by co-ordinating programming with the Brescia University College Students’ Council (BUCSC) and Student Life Centre (SLC). Our Programming Assistants also support the Head Soph and SLC with recruitment, hiring, and training for New Student Orientation.

Applications open in November, with interviews occurring in January.

Brescia Head Soph holding her fingers up in the shape of a 'W'

Head Soph
(Brescia Orientation Coordinator)

The Head Soph is responsible for managing the Soph Team and providing a robust academic and social transition for our incoming students. Working closely with the SLC, the Head Soph selects and oversees the Programming Assistants and Soph Team members, before spending the summer working with Brescia and the BUCSC to build out our New Student Orientation!

Applications open in November, with interviews occurring in November and December.