Brescia University

Social & Connection

Taking Care of Your Relationships

The relationships you have and how you interact and stay connected to others are important parts of your wellness, perhaps even more so while physically distancing. Relationships that are healthy, nurturing, and supportive, can sustain you during difficult times. Building and keeping genuine connections, and being in community with those we care about, are key to a healthy lifestyle and are, possibly, the most important needs we collectively hold right now.

Resources for your social wellness and relationships

Puzzles & Games
Healthy Technology Balance

If you are an international student, there are also dedicated virtual supports that are specific to your needs:

  • Virtual Conversation Circles
  • Virtual connecting 1-1 with Lissette Ochoa regarding your personalized needs or concerns and how to access relevant City of London resources.
  • Virtual connecting with other international students.
  • Virtual events for all international students. You will be informed for details as they develop.