Ursuline Hall

Transportation Methods

The following is a list of reliable transportation modes available for you:

London Transit

The city bus system offers convenient bus routes across the city of London. They offer user friendly online bus schedules as well as phone support.

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London Transit Student Bus pass

Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled into the USC/LTC Universal Bus Pass program administered by the University Students’ Council. Students are provided a pass that is valid each year continuously from September 1 through August 31. This pass entitles students unlimited use of all regularly scheduled London Transit Commission services.

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Ride Share

Save money, reduce traffic congestion, and help the environment! Find a Brescia area commuter by registering as a carpooler through the City of London.

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Greyhound Canada

Thinking about traveling out of town? Greyhound offers convenient schedules, student discounts, and provides service across North America.

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Via Rail

Want to travel on Rails? They offer student discounts and provide service to most of Canada.

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Need a Taxi? The following are taxi services in the London area:

  • Yellow London Taxi (519.657.1111)
  • Checker Limousine (519.659.0400)
  • U-Need-A Cab Ltd. (519.438.2121)