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Do you have a passion for the written word? Or, are you captivated by the power of literature?

When you choose to study English, you will be given the opportunity to explore your written passions, while gaining a foundation in literary studies, by exploring both traditional and modern writings. Dive into the inner workings of Shakespeare, study the art of poetry or uncover the history of theory and criticism – in our English program, you decide! Under the guidance of your dedicated and academically-recognized professors, you will enhance your communication, research and writing skills through a variety of dynamic courses, including: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Friends, Women in Literature and Storyteller’s Art ll. 


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for Ontario high school students:

  • ENG4U

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Promotions Manager
  • Journalist
  • Web Content Specialist
  • Social Media Manager

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Bold Stories

Photo of Sarah - english program

“ Through the English program I have learned to be comfortable with public speaking by doing a variety of presentations. This will only improve with time, and stay with me into my career. ”

Sarah Ramsay




Photo of Chloe Robinson - english program

“ Professor Lee creates an insightful environment in our English classroom where we are encouraged to direct the dialogue as a class by posing questions and having them answered by our peers. By changing the dynamic from one where the Professor predominantly lectures to the class, to one which promotes community discussion, inspires us to develop a deeper understanding of literature. ”

Chloe Robinson


Photo of Katrina England Ross - english program

“ Brescia provided a warm and engaging atmosphere during my studies - I spent many hours researching and writing essays at one of the desks in the upper level of the library, watching people come and go.  The campus' natural beauty and rich history was also enormously beneficial in mitigating stress.  While attending Brescia, I was part of a community making a positive difference in this world. ”

Katarina England Ross


Program Options

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