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Have you questioned how the society we live in affects families in Canada?

When you choose to study Families and Communities, you will explore this relationship while discovering how you can make a positive impact on global communities. Study theoretical perspectives used to understand family dynamics, explore the relationship between diversity and families in Canada or dive into researching family development – in the Families and Communities program, you decide! Under the guidance of your academic professors, you will learn cultural competency, theory and organizational skills through a variety of dynamic courses, including: Psychology of Eating, Law and Social Inequality and Human Adjustment.

During your Families and Communities experience, you will learn how race, ethnicity, religion and sexuality all influence the society we live. Discover the opportunity to experience this in the real world though a Family Studies and Human Development practicum. In your practicum course, you will apply theories learned in class to a real-world setting and make lasting connections with leaders in the local community.

CHOOSE TO explore human and community development.
CHOOSE TO graduate with a large network of professional contacts.
CHOOSE TO be educated on the importance of community relations.


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for Ontario high school students:

  • ENG4U
  • Required for BSc only: SBI4U, SCH4U, MCR3U or MCF3M
  • Recommended for Nutrition & Families: SCH4U or SCH3U

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Politician
  • Family Therapist
  • Community Planner
  • Social Worker

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Bold Stories

Photo of Marlies.

“ The Family Studies program has changed my perspective on how I look at a traditional family! It opened my eyes to how things I have experienced in my everyday life can mold and shape me into the functioning individual I am in society. My knowledge and previous thoughts of families and relationships and human development has evolved throughout my time in my program!  ”

Marlies McCartney 
Photo of Erica

“ My comprehensive degree taught me significant lessons in both family studies and community development. Not only did I learn about cultural competencies, but how these skills can be used beyond the classroom. ”

Erica DeFrancisco


Photo of Daniela

“ With such a small knit community, the Family Studies and Human Development program at Brescia makes me feel at home. The program further equips me with the necessary tools to obtain my desired degree by understanding diverse topics on families. ”

Daniella Christopher


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