In Memoriam: Sister Dolores Kuntz




Sister Dolores KuntzSister Dolores Kuntz died on September 6th, 2015. She was 89 years old and was in her 67th year in the Ursuline Community. She is survived by four sisters and one brother.

In 1977 Sister Dolores was appointed Principal/Dean of Brescia College, a position she was to hold for the next twenty-two years. In 1994, due to heavy demands on her time, Sr. Dolores retired from teaching to dedicate herself full-time to her responsibility as Principal/Dean at Brescia. In June 2000 she was formally designated Professor Emerita of Brescia College.

When asked about the role that she played in Brescia College’s History, she said, “I think I have been a member of a team and certainly the other people on the team have played as much of a role as I did if not more. I am more of a coordinator, really.”

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