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London Convention Centre
Reception 5 pm | Opening Remarks & Dinner 6 pm

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As Canada’s only women’s University, Brescia is uniquely positioned to not only educate tomorrow’s women leaders but to also recognize and celebrate some of Canada’s outstanding women leaders of today. BresciaLEAD is a national award designed to recognize outstanding women leaders from coast-to-coast who embody Brescia’s values of leading with wisdom, justice and compassion in a changing world.

In addition to celebrating today’s generation of women leaders, the BresciaLEAD Awards serve to challenge and inspire Canada’s future generations of women leaders with a vision of what is possible. On April 19, 2018, along with celebrating and recognizing extraordinary women and organizations that empower and support women to thrive in positions of leadership, Brescia is also proud to present Ann Curry, Emmy Award-winning journalist and former NBC News Network anchor as our keynote speaker. Ms Curry will draw upon her experiences as a war correspondent in Syria, Darfur, Serbia and Iraq to share lessons on women’s
empowerment, humanitarianism and learning the art of compassion.

The Award Categories are:

The Lifetime Award honours a woman
• Who has demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout her lifetime.
• Who has made a substantial and meaningful contribution to her community and/or field of work.
• Who has shared her wisdom with other women and men, inspiring and mentoring them to recognize and cultivate their own leadership capacity.
The Emerging Award honours a woman
• Who is making a significant contribution to or impact on her community.
• Who is a new and innovative voice within her community or field of work.
• Who demonstrates the potential for expanding the amplitude of her leadership efficacy and contributions
in the future.
The Activist Award honours a woman
• Who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to social justice and purposeful collaborative action.
• Who challenges the status quo and applies creative thinking to social, economic, cultural, environmental or
political struggles.
• Who finds new pathways to create positive structural, societal or systemic change.
The Distinction Award honours an organization
• That values the unique and diverse contributions that women leaders and women’s leadership weave into their organizational fabric.
• That has created sustained conditions for women to be successful at building their careers and thriving in positions of leadership.
• That empowers, encourages and supports women as whole persons, including their ambitions and endeavours outside of the workplace.

LEAD information circleFor more information, please contact Carla Rogers, Manager of Development at Brescia University College at 519.432.8353 ext 28077 or