Material TypePer ItemMaximum Per Item
Hourly Loan Materials$2.00 / hour$56.00
Short Loan Materials$2.00 / day$56.00
Recalled Materials$4.00 / day$56.00

Borrowers are responsible for ALL materials logged on their account. It is the responsibility of library account holders to return all items undamaged and to monitor their accounts for suspicious activity. It is the responsibility of library account holders to keep their Identification Cards secure – items borrowed using stolen account information or ID will be the responsibility of the account holder unless the ID theft or suspicious activity was reported to the Library immediately upon discovery.

Borrowers who hold library materials overdue, or who are otherwise indebted to The Beryl Ivey Library, will have their borrowing privileges suspended. Borrowing privileges will be reinstated when all overdue materials are returned and/or replacement fees paid and all fines and processing fees are paid. Repeated violation of borrowing rules may lead to the permanent suspension of borrowing privileges.

If you have lost or damaged library material, please contact the home library.

Please see the Library Access Policy Library Access Policy  and Fines Fines Regulations  Regulations for more information.

Payment Information:

Payments are accepted during full service hours at the Beryl Ivey Circulation Desk and any of the Western Libraries Service Desks and Affiliated University College Libraries (Huron, King’s) and St. Peter’s Seminary.

The Beryl Ivey Library accepts cash payments at the Library Service Desk.

Interac, Visa and MasterCard are accepted at the following locations: Allyn & Betty Taylor Library, The D.B. Weldon Library, the Library Business Office, and King’s University College Library.

An online payment option is also available to faculty, students and staff through My Library Account using Visa or MasterCard.